Air Conditioning & Heating Quality Service

You just got home from a long day, you’re ready to relax … then you find out the A/C is running but not cooling? Uh-Oh!

Call us – we provide excellent repair services, whether we’ve worked on your A/C before or not. Our qualified Service Technicians are always on standby, ready to change your ‘Uh-Oh!’ moments into ‘Ahhh’.

Service Agreements
(Preventative Maintenance)

You’d like your air conditioning system to operate properly every time it’s needed

…. especially when the outside temperature is unbearable! Don’t wait until it’s needed, now is the time to ensure that your unit is operating safely and efficiently. Ask us about our annual Service Agreement – we schedule seasonal visits twice a year, once prior to Summer then again before Winter. We’ll change your filters and inspect every major component of your entire system. If we find a potential problem we’ll let you know what it is, what it will cost to fix and schedule a follow-up visit. Any parts needed will be sold at a 10% cash discount, and Service Agreement Customers receive our highest priority for emergency service calls. All our Service Technicians are knowledgeable, friendly and competent, and our Lead Serviceman holds his own Texas license for all air conditioning and refrigeration work. Contact us for your Service Agreement – the simple contract can be emailed to you and paid by debit/credit card over the phone.

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