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Time to insulate your home or business? Then it’s time to consider the type of insulation you need. R-Value is a common term you will hear. R-Value does not measure heat movement carried in the air, but how well a particular insulation resists heat flow. R-Value is typically measured per inch.

It is important to note that thicker insulation, or insulation that has a high R-Value, doesn’t necessarily mean that your home will have better insulation. Traditional types of insulation offer R-Value that relates solely to insulating power, so you may actually continue to have higher-than-average heating and cooling bills. That’s why you should consider spray-in foam as an alternative when choosing insulation.

Sprayed-in polyurethane foam insulation is an insulation and air seal system that helps lessen or alleviate air loss/transfer in your home or business while providing an effective R-Value. The foam helps seal cracks and gaps, where applied, better than traditional types of insulation.

The R-Value per inch of sprayed-in closed-cell polyurethane insulation is from R-5.5 to R-6.5. While closed-cell foam costs more than open-cell foam, it also helps to strengthen the structural integrity of the building.

The R-Value per inch of sprayed-in open-cell polyurethane insulation is around R-3.6, significantly higher than poured concrete at R-0.08, it’s also a great sound barrier!

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